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  • Quinn

    Quinn was once a trusted lieutenant under General Leo in Durmund. He assisted the party in clearing the Draconian castle on the other side of the wall, defeating Daimao, and defeating the Black Arm Gang and Phoenix Order. Because of these feats, Quinn …

  • Jeff Agosh (Deceased)

    Jeff was a guard in the outpost of Durmund, on the border between Ellion and Draconia. His wife accidentally killed herself while experimenting with dark magic, and her soul haunted their ruined house. Thargud and Timothy exorcised her, but Jeff …

  • Numeria Gaersly

    Numeria is the daughter Rodyrick Gaersly, an advisor to King Leo III. She was captured by Daimyo, and rescued by Thargud (and the Middlemen). She sees Thargud as her savior. She is now Queen of Ellion, as she is married to King Leo III.

  • Rodyrick Gaersly

    Rodyrick is the father of Numeria, and advisor to King Leo III. He was also advisor to Leo's father before him. Rodyrick helped ensure that King Leo III gained control of the throne after the death of King Leo II.

  • Bob Tusal

    He was a worker in the city of Durmund. Timothy sold him a fake love potion to use on Corolona. it worked he has a wife now.

  • Timothy Fitzgerald II (Deceased)

    Timothy was one of the original members of the party (with Thargud Ironfoot), when both were hired for a job in Durmund. He was absent for unknown reasons when the party defeated Daimyo, but rejoined them in Wymondham afterwards. In Wymondham, …

  • King Leo III

    He was recently pushed into leadership when his father died in battle against Draconia. The party saved his life from both the Phoenix Order and the Black Arm Gang. When the party brought Alabastyr Mastering, a member of the Phoenix Guild, before …

  • Kothim Battle-Scarred

    Kothim's father was a barbarian, named Koth. He was renowned warrior, known for his battle-rage and ferocity. But he was more well-known for his skill at hunting large beasts. He could track a giant for miles and then take him down, with only an axe and …

  • Seraph Fidelis, the Prophet of Pelor

    Born as an albino among the dark skinned Turami, Seraph has been totally hairless from birth. When his parents brought him to the local temple of Pelor to inquire about his condition, the priests were astonished. They told of a prophecy about a child of …