Thorik Ironfoot

Chaotic Good Paladin of Torm, heir to Thargud Ironfoot.


He is a young adult Mountain Dwarf, standing at four feet nine inches tall, and weighing 155 pounds, he is also slightly large for his kin.

He is broad-shouldered and powerfully built, with shaggy brown hair and a pair of well-kept mutton chops and a semi-goatee on his chin.

He wears the armor he inherited from his uncle, and carries the axe his uncle found in a dragon’s lair.

He is strong and fairly charismatic, friendly but gruff. Not clumsy, but not particularly dexterous either.


The descendant of a prominent family of smiths from the Dwarven trade city of Ferrheim, he is one of only a few survivors from his clan of the disaster over a decade ago that destroyed much of aboveground Ferrheim. Most of his family was killed when a Red Dragon attacked the city, decimating the aboveground portion and forcing the defenders underground.

Thorik was considered young at the time, and was nearing completion of his soldier’s training. He was on leave from the barracks, and he and his sister Thalia were in the open-air marketplace during the attack. They survived only through the actions of the Paladins of Torm and Paladins of Tyr that were visiting the city at the time, as they shielded as many dwarves as possible with spell, shield, and body. The Paladins eventually, despite taking great losses, managed to severely wound the dragon, driving it away. The creature has not been seen in the region for about eleven years, and was last reported flying East.

Most of Thorik’s family were killed fighting or fleeing the dragon, save for his uncle Thargud and a few more distant relations. When the Paladins left to gather aid for the city, they made an offer: If any displaced people wished to join with the Paladins for a chance of recovery and the opportunity to do some good, they were free to join. Thargud and Thorik had almost nothing left, so the pair both joined the Paladins, with Thargud joining the Paladins of Tyr, and Thorik following Torm. Thalia, Thorik’s sister, was an acolyte of the dwarven goddess Berronar Truesilver, and as such stayed in Ferrheim to further her training.

He trained with the Paladins of Torm for the last decade or so, and recently was given permission to depart on his quest to hunt and destroy the dragon that burned Ferrheim. In his wanderings, he received word that his uncle had been murdered in the city of Ellion, and so, he put off everything to see to it that he learned the circumstances of his uncle’s death. He has joined with a group of adventurers, calling themselves the Fellowship of Light, to find his uncle’s surviving comrades and discover what happened and what lead to the murder.

Thorik Ironfoot

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