Gooby Scalian Greywyrm

Kobold Artificer that says what she wants


Age: 7 years old
Height: 1’9"
Weight: 19 lbs.
Size: Small
Skin Color: Blue
Eye Color: Orange
Race: Kobold
Class: Artificer (Gunsmith)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Magical items:

  • Bag of Holding
  • Robe of Useful Items
  • Eyes of Minute Seeing



Not so Humble Beginnings

A strange Kobold was born among a clan of her kin. Though she was a little different than her siblings… Her siblings were larger than her, she was the runt of the litter. Noticeably smaller than the rest and born with only one eye, however that was not the biggest difference. She was born with an almost royal looking blue skin tone while the rest were the normal brownish red color kobolds are known to be. The clan leaders didn’t know what to do with her for she wasn’t able to complete the tasks the others were due to her smaller weak arms. They decided to cast her away at the age of one. Never allowed back in the clan again. They expected this to send her to her death but they didn’t notice the biggest strength she had. She was very smart compared to the other Kobolds. She knew how to avoid getting killed by nature even at such a childlike age.

New Family

Making her way to a Gnomish settlement where they took her in. Not really knowing what she was. The Gnomes who took her in were Tinkerers from Syston named Yoza Wallabe Greywyrm and Felix Rasmorn Greywyrm. Twins who specialized in the craft of clockwork inventions. After taking this creature into their home they asked them if they had a name. She shrugged not really knowing what they were saying. The Twins look around for some inspiration on a possible name for this strange draconic creature they seem to have adopted into their home. They sit on it and promise the draconic child they’ll come up with something in the meantime. To their surprise they manage to teach her to speak Gnomish in a whole 2 days, and then Common not too long after. During this time they came up with the name of Gooby Scalian. She didn’t like it at first but it grew on her after a while. She adopted the last name of Greywyrm into her introductions for she saw them as her real family. A few years later she was allowed to watch as they worked. Silently memorizing how to reverse engineer all of their little trinkets and toys with a glance. Gooby tinkered on her own while they were asleep trying to replicate their work. They found out not too long after due to the missing tools and materials. The Twins wanted to be mad about her stealing their materials but couldn’t help but be impressed at how well she was able to replicate moderately difficult clockwork mechanisms. They agree that she could practice their craft but only if they get to teach instead of her messing with it under their noses. Gooby becomes a defined and skilled tinkerer in no time. By the age of 5 she had skill almost superior to both of the Twins. She started inventing things on her own without the guidance of her mentors. She was extremely talented in all of her crafts.

Moving Out

At the age of 6 (the age Kobolds reach Adulthood) she started her own Workshop in the town of Syston where she joined the Guild of Artisans. Gooby became a well respected Crafter and Inventor among the Guild. This didn’t come without it’s drawbacks though. She grew to be overconfident in her ability and almost pungently rude to those who didn’t match her skill. This fit in with a few members of the Guild but many thought of her as overzealous. For a few months she let a Tiefling Bard named Kairon stay in her workshop as a sort of temporary housing while he was in town for his bardly business. They bonded and became decent friends in the meantime. He said he’d visit if he was ever in the neighborhood. She made him shake on it for she didn’t want to see him go so soon.

The Friend Who Will Never Leave

Soon after she was warned of possible rivals planning to steal her private schematics and steal away her credit to them. She wasn’t strong enough to defend her Workshop on her own so she hired a Silver Dragonborn Fighter named Arcades to be a bodyguard of sorts while she worked on perhaps her most ambitious invention of her career. Artificial Life. Using her small pool of magical ability and knowledge of clockwork mechanisms she managed to construct a towering 9’ tall Humanoid Automaton. As she puts the final touches on it she whispers the last part of the spell used to give it life. It shakes to life with it’s eyes opening to show a faint beautiful blue glow. It looks around and puts out it’s hand. Gooby reaches out and touches it. Gooby’s touch quickly turns into a full on hug as she is just grappling it with all of her might screaming “IT WORKED IT WORKED YOU’RE ALIVE”. Tears running down her face she says “You’re name is T-1NK, but I’ll call you Tink. You will be my… friend. You’ll protect me from harm and go everywhere I do to make sure I am always safe. Can you do this?”. Tink blinks it’s arcane fueled eyes and nods. It begins to move its other arm gently behind Gooby as if it’s trying to hug back. It is a bit awkward though due to Gooby’s almost complete full body grip on it’s hand. Sobbing in happiness she just says “Promise you’ll never leave me… “. With one nod their friendship and bond was set in stone. She never did hear or see anything regarding the supposed theft that was supposed to take place afterwards.

Gooby Scalian Greywyrm

Capital of Ellion Khlover