Thargud Ironfoot (Deceased)

Lawful Good Paladin of Tyr, uncle of Thorik Ironfoot


Thargud was a middle-aged Mountain Dwarf, standing four feet eight inches tall and weighing 180 pounds. He was fairly heavy for his kind, but it was mostly muscle.

He was broad-shouldered, powerfully built, and bulky. He had a jovial, ruddy face, and sported well-kept medium-length red hair and a red mustache-sideburn combo. He wore custom-made dragon plate with a lapis gem in the center of the chest, and carried an enchanted axe found in a dragon’s lair.

He was loud, and rather rough, but friendly and kind. Unlucky, but not unskilled.


Thargud was part of the Ironfoot clan, a dwarf clan of renown smiths and warriors, and lived in the Dwarven trade city of Ferrheim in the mountains. He enlisted in the town’s garrison and at the age of 58 participated in the Dwarf and Goblin War of the Western Reaches. He earned the rank of ‘Lieutenant’ during the war. His military career basically consisted of guarding the walls of Ferrheim after that.

Eleven years ago Thargud survived the Red Dragon attack on Ferrheim. Most of his family resided in the upper city, and so were unable to escape the dragon’s wrath in time. The few Ironfoot survivors consisted of a scattering of more distant cousins and his sister-son Thorik and sister-daughter Thalia. Thargud was part of the rallying retreat, gathering as many of his soldiers as he could in an effort to save as many as possible, and to gather the townsfolk and usher them to safety. The effort would have been in vain if not for the Paladins of Tyr that had been visiting the city. Together with the dwarf soldiers, the Paladins protected the survivors and defended the city from the dragon.

Much that Thargud had known was destroyed, so when the Paladins had driven off the dragon, and then offered to take in any of the disenfranchised dwarves, Thargud and his sister-son Thorik accepted. His sister-daughter was an acolyte of the dwarf goddess Berronar Truesilver, and so stayed behind, but she sent them off with her blessing.

The training was difficult, but Thargud and Thorik made it, and soon Thargud was allowed to embark on his own quest, to enforce justice in the lands and to wander the continent in search of converts and wrongs to be righted.

Thargud’s first true mission was to the small Ellion border town of Durmund, where a force of Draconian soldiers had been harassing the small garrison and abusing their own countrymen. He worked with a small party of adventurers to infiltrate and attempt to negotiate with the Dragon General. The negotiation failed, and the resulting battle allowed Thargud to prove himself and earn the party’s respect.

The party, referred to later as the ‘Middlemen,’ heard rumors of a nearby settlement plagued by sentient mushrooms and a mysterious cult. They investigated and found the ruins of a Dwarven outpost infested with animated fungus and a cult of dragon-worshipers. The cultists were of course worshiping a dragon, albeit a young turtle-dragon. The party dispatched it and in the process rescued Numeria, the daughter of a high-ranking noble in the king’s court. Thargud also retrieved the egg of a brass dragon, which he planned to hatch and raise as his own, hopeful of the power a benevolent dragon could wield for his people.

The Middlemen then traveled to the capital of Ellion to deliver Numeria to her father. In the city Thargud commissioned his dragon plate armor, made from shell pieces and scales of the turtle-dragon. He also participated in the Battle of the Temple of Nobanion, protecting the King first from a cabal called the Phoenix Order intent on his death, and then from a Black Arm angry mob, also intent on his death, who happened coincidentally to decide to act in the same morning. The same morning Thargud was also unlawfully wedded to the smitten and slightly obsessed Numeria with help from the party’s Sorcerer, Timothy. The wedding was of course invalidated due to Timothy using a charm spell to convince Thargud to accept and the Ranger, Jak, being both the one who performed the ceremony, and entirely unqualified to perform a ceremony.

After the battle he helped his Dwarf brethren in the city negotiate a trade agreement with the king, only to discover that the Drow emissary was being assisted by his Drow Monk comrade in the same goal. Eventually the King relented and agreed to allow both races, a fact that relieved the Dwarf emissaries, but left the Drow ambassador fuming. The Drow had also gifted to the king an enchanted glaive, which later proved to be important.

The Middlemen then attempted to hunt down the remaining members of the cabal, namely one Korarim, an elf sorcerer the party had encountered already in Durmund, Alabastyr Mastring, a wealthy merchant, and Timothy’s former employer, an elderly Wizard. After the death of the Wizard, the conversion of Korarim to Thargud’s faith, and the capture of Alabastyr, the merchant was taken before the King, where he seemingly confirmed Thargud’s suspicions of Drow influence on the King by being summarily executed by His Royal Highness right in the throne room.

Thargud was attempting to get through to the King when Timothy cast a charm spell upon His Highness, which was noticed by only the Drow Monk. The Drow attempted to threaten Timothy, which Thargud put a stop to violently and effectively. This resulted in Thargud and Timothy being locked up. After their escape, Thargud confronted the Drow for his involvement in the ambassador’s alleged plot to control the King, which escalated and resulted in the Drow attacking Thargud outright. Thargud put him down, but spared his life out of mercy, a mistake which would cost him his life, culminating in the Drow brutally murdering him in his bed the next morning.

Thargud Ironfoot (Deceased)

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