Seraph Fidelis, the Prophet of Pelor

Neutral Good Human Cleric of Light


Seraph stands 5’10" tall, weighs 150 pounds, and has pale blue eyes.

Ever since his encounter with the Solar Angel at the Temple of Pelor, everything he wears turns brilliant white. In bright daylight, his garments almost appear to glow, but that is merely a reflection of light. Whereas most garments become soiled and worn as they are used, dirt, grime, and blood do not cling to anything Seraph wears, and regardless of the original color, anything he wears gradually turns white over a period of about 7 days.


Born as an albino among the dark skinned Turami, Seraph has been totally hairless from birth. When his parents brought him to the local temple of Pelor to inquire about his condition, the priests were astonished. They told of a prophecy about a child of light who would one day vanquish evil. As Seraph grew, he was tutored and protected by the priests of Pelor, and his wisdom and insight quickly became legendary. On his 25th birthday, a Solar Angel appeared in the temple and drew his sword. In the sight of the startled onlookers, the Angel asked Seraph to kneel before him. It said, “You are greatly favored.” It then touched the tip of its sword on both of his shoulders and the top of his head. As he did so, a white mark (even brighter and more white than Seraph’s skin) in the shape of a blazing sun appeared in the center of Seraph’s forehead, and his eyes danced in varying shades of red, orange, and yellow, as thought they were a living flame. The Angel said, “It is time for you to fulfill your destiny. you must leave this place to bring light to the world. Find the darkness and dispel it with holy flame. Pelor is with you, favored one.”

Seraph Fidelis, the Prophet of Pelor

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