Kothim Battle-Scarred

Half orc barbarian


Kothim’s father was a barbarian, named Koth. He was renowned warrior, known for his battle-rage and ferocity. But he was more well-known for his skill at hunting large beasts. He could track a giant for miles and then take him down, with only an axe and his wits, for sport.

He wandered alone for a while, but eventually came to live with an orc clan, for only they matched his ferocity and thirst for the wild. He was given permission to live there by “the ancient”. The old shaman of the village, who had been cheiftan for as long as anyone could remember. Koth became infatuated with an orc woman, and soon, they had a son.

A few years later, the ancient passed away peacefully, and a new, stronger cheiftan took over. He despised humans, and had Koth banished after besting him in a fight. Kothim was raised by his mother, but was looked down upon by the Orcs. He was hot-headed in his youth, and he got into far too much trouble for his own good. He ended up picking a fight with the cheiftan’s son, and was soon banished as well.

He roamed the wilds for a decade, hunting to eat, and living in tents and shelters of his own creation. He slowly ventured towards civilization, and wandered one day into a small gnome village in the woods. They feared him, and drove him out with fire. But while he was there, he heard of King Leo’s call for mercenaries. He was never one to turn down an adventure, so he made his way to the capitol, through back-roads and trails, eventually arriving, joining a party, and accepting the quest from the king, to deliver weaponry to the small border-town of Durmond.

Has a penchant for occasionally drinking himself into mutli-day comas.

Kothim Battle-Scarred

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