Dimble Toddynon Ellywick

Gnome Wizard


Dimble Ellywick. Race: Rock Gnome. Height: 3’2”. Weight: 45 lbs. Age: 35. Eye color: Blue. Hair Color: Red (dyed magically) Skin Color: Fair. Alignment: Neutural Good. Hometown: Upper Rutherglen. Backstory: I grew up in the house of my parents, near the market. My father was a merchant himself, and created toys, automatons, clocks, and other various mechanical objects to sell. My mother stayed at home, teaching myself and my thirteen siblings everything our bright little heads could contain. I was the third eldest, and a fast learner. I soon learned to be inquisitive of everyone and everything. My Father once said, “That boy would walk into a dragon’s mouth just to see how it worked.”

One day in the market I saw a new vendor; a wizard, by the name of Timothy. He sold magical potions, that when consumed, could give you the ability to fly. (which he himself demonstrated) This of course piqued my curiosity. I had to know how it worked. I bought one of the potions, and drank it, but it only dyed my hair bright red. (which I have yet to be able to reverse) At the time, I was only fifteen years old, but I knew of the one place in the city where I knew I could learn anything I wanted to know. The Library at the Rutherglen Magic Academy. I had to go there. So I saved up enough money from working with my father, and went to the school at the age of 20.

I lived in the Academy for the next ten years, learning everything I could. It took me five years before I was able to cast even the simplest of spells, and two more years to learn to channel enough energy for a basic magic detection spell. I read every book I could get my hands on (which for quite a while was the lowest shelf) and learned more than I ever thought possible. My world had quite suddenly seemed so much bigger and so much more diverse and beautiful. I graduated after the ten years were over, and received my first spellbook, A small, golden-bound book, just the right size for a research journal.

I met my dear friend Licil (a half elf) at the academy. She had joined just a year after me, but she had a mind as inquisitive as mine. We studied together, and often talked about going out in to the world and studying it, just for the pure joy of learning everything we could about the beautiful world around us. When I graduated, and she was still at the Academy, (when I was 31) I received two letters in the mail. One was from Licil, and it said that after she graduated, she was excited to go out and explore the world. In her recent studies, she had realized that there was very little explanation of immortality, and her mind was burning with questions about it. She wanted to know about it, and she wanted me to come with her. The second letter was sent by Licil’s mother, saying that she had died in an unfortunate accident. She had accidentally drowned herself attempting to learn how to breathe underwater.

I was devastated. I stayed home for a few years. I had no intention to leave anymore. But one of my colleagues took pity on me and tried to cheer me up. He told me that Licil wouldn’t want me to sit at home and sulk, she would’ve wanted me to go out and explore the beauty of the world for myself, to take to the roads and paths less traveled, and learn all I could. He was right. He told me to go out and find something I’d never seen before, somewhere in the city. So I walked around the streets, asking about unusual goings on. It wasn’t long before a guard told me that there was a Tiefling imprisoned recently. I’d only ever read about Tieflings, and though my imagination is wonderful, the real thing would likely be much more interesting.

I went to the prison, and spoke with the Tiefling, studying him and his interesting features. While there I met someone else. A gnome, by the name of Braxton. He was clever, probably as clever as me, and I saw myself in him. He was about a decade younger than me; and had he been born into my family, he’d likely have gone to the same school, and learned faster than me, since he seems to have some sort of inherit magical ability. We spoke only briefly, as visits were short, but I was able to teach him a suggestion spell, to perhaps escape. He deserved a second chance at life. We met at the gate of the city, and went out in search of his friend, Morsara, who, though a half-elf, apparently married the leader of an orcish clan. I think she would be infinitely interesting to speak with. She was a part of a party whose mission it was to save the world from an inter-planar wizard. We are now seeking out this party, and wish to join them in their adventure.


Dimble Toddynon Ellywick

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