Asgorn (Deceased)

Necromancer Wizard from the College of Ironcrag


Former collegues of Uthynak, Servius, and Ingmorn at the College of Ironcrag.

His experiments in necromancy led to the death of Servius, whom he then resurrected.

When his dabbling in necromancy was discovered by the College faculty, Asgorn killed and resurrected almost all of them. Only Uthynak and Ingmorn escaped with their lives. The undead students and teachers served as his army for years, until a blue dracolich detected his power, and killed him.

The dracolich then took control of Asgorn’s army, and used them to assist in hoarding treasures until the arrival of the Fellowship of Light.


Asgorn (Deceased)

Capital of Ellion kelyn